Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Budget look, with a little DIY mixed in

So I recently fell in love with watches. I never was a watch person, and I went from owning none, to ten very  quickly. 
I LOVE this wrap watch by La Mer, the combination of bracelet and watch is perfect, but spending $185+ on a watch that probably doesn't have much longevity in the fashion world didn't jive with me, or my wallet. I went on a hunt for a similar wrap watch and found this one for $19.99 on ebay by Geneva. 
I still wanted a closer look to the La Mer, so I decided to add some color by painting a strand of rhinestones with nail polish and adding them to the mess of chains. 
Easy addition! I'm considering adding more rhinestones, maybe a charm or two, or switching up the colors..We' see! 

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