Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Graduation dress!

My last class of my master's started today! I technically have an applied project after it before I officially earn my degree in behavior analysis (my focus is on autism spectrum disorders), but I am flying out to Arizona State to walk in May. I'm really excited, and really proud because my GPA is a 4.0, and I'm graduating a semester early, all while working full time (with the exception of the past few months due to a car accident). I am on the hunt for the perfect dress (yea, yea.. I know it will be under an ugly gown most of the time, but that's no excuse not to look good).
I found this Miss Sixty dress for $134 at Macy's. I want something professional, subtle, but stylish. I technically have two ceremonies, one for the entire Arizona State University, and one for the Mary Lou Fulton Teacher's College Graduate programs, so I guess I need to find two! 

The Black Halo Jackie O is perfect, but more than I want to spend. I have this dress in a floral, so maybe I can re-wear it to one of the ceremonies, pending on if it still fits. 

Here is the Jackie O in the floral pattern, I couldn't find a full shot. I think it could work for a graduation dress, no? 


  1. I love my Jackie O dress and would seriously consider buying it in more colors! The cut is so flattering.

    I actually tried to find your email address to email you directly but couldn't. The comment about running you just left on my blog brought me to tears because I *remember* that intense desire to run when I had a fractured pelvis. That feeling still lingers and it hurts me to think about to this day. I'm so terribly sorry to hear about your car accident. One of the things that gives me strength on long runs is remembering how desperately I couldn't wait to run again. I never seeing it as "having to run" any more, I GET to run. I cannot wait for you to get back out there :) Hugs, Kate

  2. Hi dear, I love this red dress and the last one!
    Greetings from Spain, I'm your new follower!