Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Kale Chip Recipe

Kale chips are my new favorite snack. Here's the way I make them most often:

Kale Chips- Garlic Version

I buy the pre-cut Kale, just to save some time. 
Mix one tablespoon of olive oil in a bag and SHAKE! to cover the leaves
Spread out on a baking sheet and sprinkle garlic powder, garlic salt, a bit of cajun, and sea salt to taste. (You can also just put salt on them, they taste great like that, or experiment with various spices in your cupboard). 
Bake at 325 until leaves turn to chips. 

I also love them with Pele's Fire Macadamia nut oil for a more spicy taste. I use this to make my sweet potato fries too. 


  1. They look so delicious! I love any type of chips :-)

  2. the one in the plastic bag looked like pot at first.oopps
    Ive made kale chips before but mine ended up so greasy , hope yours didnt.