Friday, February 24, 2012

Nook is complete!

About a month ago, I started transforming a little, out of place 'nook' in our bedroom, and I believe it is finally done! I guess I will always find something to change, add, or do to it, but right now I am very content. Most of the items I already had, 'borrowed' from my grandparents' basement, or purchased for next to nothing. Now I have my own space to get ready, store overflow from my tiny closet, and decorate as I please. 
I don't have a before shot, but this is an 'in progress,' I had a dresser there before. 

Another view. Stephen got a new lens and had to try out different perspectives :p. The only things purchased were the corner shelf (Home Depot- $25), crown molding (also Home Depot $18), small cabinet unit (Target $28, actually for a bathroom), vanity lighting (Lowes $10), and hooks (Joann's $7). Everything else I had, spray painted and altered to fit.
Too bad there isn't enough room for all my shoes, or nail polishes. It does help me get rid of them, although, there is vertical storage in my closet too :x.

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