Thursday, February 23, 2012

WW Friendly Protein Shake

I was told I need to increase my intake of protein, and not use dairy as my main source.. But still following weight watchers and making a 'low point' smoothie is difficult. I had what I thought to be a fairly good for you smoothie at and it ended up being 9 points!! So, I decided to 'make' my own. I have been doing a 2 point and 4 point version.
The 2 point version calls for
-Frozen fruit (MAKE SURE it is just fruit in the ingredients, if it is not, the point count will not be 0)
-Whey protein (I chose the Jillian Michael's one, since it is low cal, low point) -2 points
-Half a 0 Calorie Sobe (You can use water, but I find that this adds more flavor, especially for the 2 point version)
-Splash of vanilla extract
Blend and done. 2 points, very filling, and tastes good.

The 4 point version

-Frozen fruit
-Whey protein -2 points
-Weight watchers yogurt (I use vanilla or berry cream) -2 points
-Sobe 0 or water
-Splash of vanilla extract
Blend, drink, done! This one is tastier and more filling, I will typically drink this one as a meal.

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