Saturday, March 31, 2012

LINKS of the week!

Here's some links that caught my eye this week!!

DIY camera strap from Design Love Fest! Love this, I so want to make one before I go on vacation for my Nikon!

Thanks, I made it created this on trend neon belt, LOVE!

Modern Rococo snazzed up some art with glitter!

The Look for Less showed us how to snag Cameron Diaz' mint green and neutral look, Stella McCartney's miracle dress, and the YSL arty rings for WAY, WAY less!

Enjoy! <3

Friday, March 30, 2012

Master Cleanse day 5!

I made it!! Last day of my master cleanse (I believe the typical length is 10 days). Could I extend to ten days? Probably. Do I want to or feel I need to? No. I feel 'cleansed' enough...if you have ever done the MC, then you know what I mean. I am starting to ween myself off of my liquid diet by eating some watermelon tonight and a glass of Trop 50 OJ instead of the last 15 oz of my lemonade drink since I stopped eating early on Saturday night. I plan to do this again before summer, I really enjoyed how heightened all my senses were, and how good I slept. Day 5 weight 116. Crazy to go from 122 to 116 in 5 days. I'm hoping that most will stay off due to the fact I eat fairly healthy being that I still loosely follow weight watchers. Overall it was a great experience and I will for sure do it again!

Thursday, March 29, 2012

DIY Fringe bikini top

I fell in love with this L*Space fringe bikini, but not the price tag. I am not one to strut around in a bikini in the first place, so to spend a decent amount on a top is not ok with me. So, I decided to recreate the look. I had a tired black bikini top from target that I had in my giveaway pile, sooo glad I kept it! I went to Joann's and got a half a yard of fringe and some elastic thread.
 I sewed it on (legit took 5 minutes!) and there you have it! 
 This fringe is smaller than their's is, and I'm contemplating doing another by cutting up a t-shirt to achieve a similar look. The fringe I bought is hand wash only but should hold up well (or so I was told).
Updated boring top in 5 minutes!

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

DIY Neon acorn necklace

A while back I saw this tutorial on Dana's Fashion Blog and loved the combination of nature and neon. I forgot about it since it was winter and I didn't think I could find any acorns. While walking the dogs the other day I saw a bunch on the ground and instantly thought of the tutorial. I gathered some up and started shaping fimo into acorn shapes.
 I spray painted the acorn tops gold, and covered them in a clear nail polish. The fimo baked for 30 mins and then was glued into the top. I used a straight pin to make a hole in the top of the single, and the stem of double one (which sort of reminds me of a set of... :x yea so I don't know if that one will be worn). Last step was covering the fimo acorns in clear nail polish to seal and make them shiny. I hope I can make a cascading one like the tutorial soon because I love the way Dana's came out!

Master Cleanse day 4!

So, day 4. One more day to my goal of 5! I started getting hungry last night and had a teaspoon of the syrup to curb my appetite. It worked pretty well. Again, I am hungrier than before, but nothing unbearable. I kept busy today with two appointments, stopped in and saw my grandparents, and returned some stuff to the mall (and of course picked up a few things-but hey! it was off of returns so it was like free shopping!). I have a great DIY started, just need the right needle. Hopefully I can finish it tomorrow and it will keep my mind off of food. My weight didn't go down at all today, in fact, it went up a .5, but I did drink a lot more water and tea yesterday so hopefully it was temporary. I don't feel sick at all, in fact I feel pretty good and I have been sleeping GREAT! So far, impressed with the master cleanse! Day 4 weight 118.4. 

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Master Cleanse day 3!

(lucky me, lemons were on sale for .33 each!)

I woke up this morning to a pleasant surprise, down another 2.3 pounds! Crazy stuff. I woke up a little hungry, but the lemonade cured my growling stomach easily. I drank some AM tea, which tasted great, most likely due to the fact that I have only consumed the lemonade for 3 days. 
I still feel good, but overall hungrier than the past two days. No headaches, I read that some people get them, but I'm headache free. If I feel this good on day 5, I may extend it by another day or two (most people to the 10 day master cleanse, and some people do 15, and even 40! no thanks!). I can see a visual difference in places (stomach mainly). I have been chewing the gum as well, and drank some chocolate tea I got from Marshall's yesterday. Day 3 weight 117.9. Foods sound good, but I'm definitely not starving. The lemonade really does it's job of nourishing you on the cleanse and keeping you satisfied. Hopefully the next 2 days (maybe more!) will go just as well. 

Mascara Review- Maybelline Illegal Length Fiber Extensions

I was always one of those people that believed that if make up didn't come from a department store or Sephora, it was going to suck. Then I had to start paying for things myself, and realized that spending $30 on mascara that you had to throw out in 3 months was a little crazy. Various articles (see here and here) agree that you should save on mascara due to the short shelf life and the basic formula. I used Dior Show for the longest time, and then switched around from Benefit's Bad Gal, to a fiber extension mascara at Sephora (I tried finding it, but no luck). I loved it since my lashes are sparse, but not the price tag.

 Lately I have been using Maybelline Falsies, and I love it. A beauty adviser at Walgreen's had both the Dior show and this one on and most people said they liked the cheap one better! 
When I saw that Maybelline made a fiber extensions mascara, I had to try it!
I picked this Maybelline Illegal Length fiber extensions mascara up at Walgreens for under $10.
Here is it on one eye compared to a naked one. Please excuse my awesome hat...

On both
Overall I say it did it's job of adding .4mm of length. As you can see, I don't have much in the lash department. I have sensitive eyes though, and I did have a slight irritation but I'm not sure if it's from the change in season or the mascara. It did clump a little bit as well. I think I'll hang on to it for awhile!

Monday, March 26, 2012

Master Cleanse day 2!

(photo via colorful palate)
I can't believe I'm not hungry! Day 2 of the cleanse is coming to an end and it wasn't nearly as bad as I thought it was going to be, in fact I feel great! I had pt in the morning about an hour away, picked up my new car, and had another appointment in the afternoon so I was busy, and I think that helped. Tomorrow I have nothing planned. My plan is to keep busy to not think about it all. I've been chewing the natural gum, which is ok by some sites, and not by others...I still have half of a 30oz lemonade drink to guzzle so I better get to it. I'm amazed at how full it makes you. So far so good! Day 2 weight 120.1. 

Copy cat shoes and nail polish...

Over the weekend I borrowed Ashley from Modern Rococo's cute shoes (her's are on the right!). They were reminiscent of a pair I saw in Target a week ago but didn't pick up. They looked so cute with skinny jeans and I knew I needed them! I went in today I wasn't expecting to find them since they were already on clearance for $17, but they were there AND cheaper, $10! I want to switch the laces because they just look a little too cheap to me.  

I also got these great nail polishes that typically retail for $10 from the Ocean State Job Lot for $2!! I was stoked. I had to kill some time in between appointments and went in, so glad I did!

I got these cute shades for $1.99 at Walgreen's as well. I can't resist a pretty nail polish :x

Sunday, March 25, 2012

The Master Cleanse...Day 1

Today I started the Master Cleanse. For the last few months, I've been on a ton of medications due to the accident, and just feel I need to detox some of the garbage I've had to put into my body. The master cleanse consists of lemon juice, pure maple syrup, a bit of cayenne pepper, and purified water. It is said to: Increase engergy, balance PH in the body, lose weight, reduce swelling and pain, alleviate allergies, flush the colon, improve skin and hair (check out this site for more information). It also recommends doing a salt water flush in the mornings and a lax tea at night. I drank the tea last night to prepare. I'm not a tea person, but I really liked the tea. It's called "Smooth Move" haha. It really didn't do much. I mixed the salt water flush this morning, I only got about 1/3 of the way through it. It was just really unbearable. I have to say the 1/3 of it WAS ENOUGH. The lemonade drink, was actually pretty good! My plan is to do it for 5 days, do an ease off, and then start again for another 3-5. The full cleanse is 10 days, but I don't know if I have the will power for it. My boyfriend did this a few months ago and only lasted 2 1/2 days. He did lose 10 lbs and has kept it off since. I'm looking more to flush out my system and looking better on the beach in a few weeks would be nice too. I have a major oral fixation, so I'm going to hunt for some natural gum at the co-op today because I know I'll need something to chew on. Keeping myself busy and motivated will hopefully make me succeed.

Day 1: The lemonade tastes great! I doubt I'll feel the same in a few days. I'm not hungry at all, but I have caught myself picking up things at my parent's house to eat and I just thought WOW how many times have I subconsciously threw things in my mouth without thinking. I have noticed that EVERY commercial on tv is about food...but I'm holding out great, and surprised at how not hungry I am. Hopefully tomorrow goes just as well!
Starting weight: 122.6 (I've been around 120 for the past month, but I binged because I knew I wasn't going to eat for 5 days, so I think that's why I'm a little higher). 

Friday, March 23, 2012

LINKS of the week!

Here's some links that caught my eye this week!

Awesome stencil pattern by Sweet Verbena! Me and freezer paper go way back, so I will for sure be doing!

and just because it's been so nice here, 
a cool ww friendly beverage from Skinny Taste! 3 point Watermelon Martini

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Spring Shopping List!

 I need some basics- tees, tanks, etc...This one is from Forever 21 for $5 and comes in an assortment of colors. Check out all their basics here

....a classic white button up shirt (like this one from J Crew!)

 ...some trend pieces- sheer neon blouse (this one also has cut out shoulders!) flip flops, that will last longer than two weeks- I love these by Tory Burch. 
...aztec print top, this one from revolve is perfect! 

....printed wedges, maybe not as loud as these, but they are too fun not to post

and lastly a pair of good quality, uniform wash, straight leg jeans (that are NOT 10 inches too long, and that I will get hemmed before I wear).  These are Hudson's from Bloomies. I have a couple pair that I adore. They really do wonders! Must be the pockets. 

1 month!

Officially one month of blogging today! I started this blog to help gain my sense of purpose back that I lost four months ago when a car accident prevented me, and continues to prevent me from working. I went from working two jobs, 50 hours a week with supervision hours for my BCBA, two accelerated graduate classes, and some running in between, to sitting at home, endless appointments and huge gaps of time filled with nothing except time to dwell on what happened.
Blogging about stuff that makes me happy (clothes, crafts, and cute things) is giving me something to put some of my displaced energy into and think less about the crap I can't control. Even if no one reads it, it's giving me something positive to focus on, and that I'm grateful for.
Especially after all this, I firmly believe everything happens for a reason. Slowly but surely I'm getting better and things are returning to normal. Now that the pain is starting to subside, I can start to enjoy the little things again, and continue to focus on the positives. 
Like enjoying this beautiful spring day with my boys, doing a little spring cleaning and packing for a much needed vacation in a few short weeks!
Enjoy <3

Spring Closet Edit!

I recently put A Pair and A Spare's Spring Wardrobe Edit tips to good use. I took out all of my spring and summer clothes, which live under our bed in an air tight storage bag and went through them all- tried them on, made sure they fit, made sure they were still my taste and style, no damage, etc. To my surprise, some of them were too big- amazing what 5 pounds on someone 5'1 can do! They went into a bag for giveaway and to bring to plato's closet or ebay!
I packed away my winter sweaters, tops, pants and accessories- I left some lightweight ones out as I always do that can double for spring- the rest can go away once spring is heading into summer. As I was packing them away, I made sure they were all something I wanted to have next fall, some made the cut, some didn't. They also went into the giveaway and plato's closet bags.
I re-organized my closet. I did this by type (tanks, shirts and blouses, sweaters, dresses) and color.
After I could clearly see what I had, I made a shopping list of what I needed and wanted to purchase for the upcoming season. Look for my spring shopping list here!

Sunday, March 18, 2012

Tie Rack to necklace and chain organizer for craft corner!

I picked this tie rack up at a rummage sale for .25 cents and thought it would be perfect to hang and organize my crafting necklaces, bracelets and chains in my crafty corner I am putting together in the basement. 

It worked out really well! Now I just need to finish so I can actually do some creating and crafting!

Friday, March 16, 2012

LINKS of the week!

Here's some links that caught my eye this week

I Spy DIY made these double cuffs out of cookie cutters! I can totally see spray painting these in an awesome bright color. 

A Pair and a Spare gives some great tips on editing your spring wardrobe (I used this to go through my spring and summer things, that post later!). 

Modern Rococo turned a cutlery tray into an amazing accessories organizer!

A Ditchin' Time Quilts posted this awesomely cute and functional garbage for your car! You can be sure I will be making one of these when I get my new car!