Tuesday, March 20, 2012

1 month!

Officially one month of blogging today! I started this blog to help gain my sense of purpose back that I lost four months ago when a car accident prevented me, and continues to prevent me from working. I went from working two jobs, 50 hours a week with supervision hours for my BCBA, two accelerated graduate classes, and some running in between, to sitting at home, endless appointments and huge gaps of time filled with nothing except time to dwell on what happened.
Blogging about stuff that makes me happy (clothes, crafts, and cute things) is giving me something to put some of my displaced energy into and think less about the crap I can't control. Even if no one reads it, it's giving me something positive to focus on, and that I'm grateful for.
Especially after all this, I firmly believe everything happens for a reason. Slowly but surely I'm getting better and things are returning to normal. Now that the pain is starting to subside, I can start to enjoy the little things again, and continue to focus on the positives. 
Like enjoying this beautiful spring day with my boys, doing a little spring cleaning and packing for a much needed vacation in a few short weeks!
Enjoy <3


  1. Aww! Congratulations! :) Blogging has been a wonderful outlet for me as well, a place for me to occupy my mind with something else other than reality. I hope you continue to enjoy blogging. :) By the way, that last picture of the dogs crack me up, especially with the right dog's expression, hehe. Adorable!

  2. So awesome you made something productive out of the obstacle thrown at you! Glad you're feeling better..