Monday, March 26, 2012

Copy cat shoes and nail polish...

Over the weekend I borrowed Ashley from Modern Rococo's cute shoes (her's are on the right!). They were reminiscent of a pair I saw in Target a week ago but didn't pick up. They looked so cute with skinny jeans and I knew I needed them! I went in today I wasn't expecting to find them since they were already on clearance for $17, but they were there AND cheaper, $10! I want to switch the laces because they just look a little too cheap to me.  

I also got these great nail polishes that typically retail for $10 from the Ocean State Job Lot for $2!! I was stoked. I had to kill some time in between appointments and went in, so glad I did!

I got these cute shades for $1.99 at Walgreen's as well. I can't resist a pretty nail polish :x

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