Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Master Cleanse day 4!

So, day 4. One more day to my goal of 5! I started getting hungry last night and had a teaspoon of the syrup to curb my appetite. It worked pretty well. Again, I am hungrier than before, but nothing unbearable. I kept busy today with two appointments, stopped in and saw my grandparents, and returned some stuff to the mall (and of course picked up a few things-but hey! it was off of returns so it was like free shopping!). I have a great DIY started, just need the right needle. Hopefully I can finish it tomorrow and it will keep my mind off of food. My weight didn't go down at all today, in fact, it went up a .5, but I did drink a lot more water and tea yesterday so hopefully it was temporary. I don't feel sick at all, in fact I feel pretty good and I have been sleeping GREAT! So far, impressed with the master cleanse! Day 4 weight 118.4. 


  1. You go girlfriend! I might be able to do this after school is #1 pet peeve is my tummy growling in class because I am hungry and lord knows I would be starving if I did this! But you have me motivated to want to do a cleanse!

    PS I am doing a Stella & Dot giveaway! You should enter to win :)


  2. I know what you mean! that was always one of mine! I'm almost done.. just a handful of hours left until I can eat. I really do notice a difference (mind and body). I will check it out thanks for the heads up :)