Friday, March 30, 2012

Master Cleanse day 5!

I made it!! Last day of my master cleanse (I believe the typical length is 10 days). Could I extend to ten days? Probably. Do I want to or feel I need to? No. I feel 'cleansed' enough...if you have ever done the MC, then you know what I mean. I am starting to ween myself off of my liquid diet by eating some watermelon tonight and a glass of Trop 50 OJ instead of the last 15 oz of my lemonade drink since I stopped eating early on Saturday night. I plan to do this again before summer, I really enjoyed how heightened all my senses were, and how good I slept. Day 5 weight 116. Crazy to go from 122 to 116 in 5 days. I'm hoping that most will stay off due to the fact I eat fairly healthy being that I still loosely follow weight watchers. Overall it was a great experience and I will for sure do it again!

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