Tuesday, March 6, 2012


DIY Captoe

I saw this tutorial on Made In Pretoria and it made me think I could save my shoes I have been wearing since my PT gave me the 'ok' to wear something other than the slipper shoes I've been wearing since my car accident back in November. 

Scuffed, and worn, ready for the garbage!

I took some electrical tape and gold paint since I wanted something subtle and simple. 

BUT! Oh no! the tape took off the shoe's 'finish'!
So, I made the tape 'less sticky' (by sticking it to everything and anything around me) and retaped and repainted. 

Hopefully, this will get me another month out of these, at least until the snow goes away and I am allowed to wear real shoes again!


  1. wow!! this is a great idea....and awesome for the environment too!! The gold toe is so much fun and a great color to add to any outfit. I only wish I was artistic as you!!

  2. I just found your adorable blog, love this project! I love the captoe look so much, especially gold!! Good work :)