Sunday, March 11, 2012

Spring cleaning!

It's 55 degrees in Upstate New York today. And that's Spring enough for me. I started putting away some winter things and going through spring and summer clothes. Fall and Spring are my favorite seasons to dress for, and the way the rest of the week is looking, spring is almost here! With that being said, I'm unloading some stuff in my ebay store like this NWT Rachel by Rachel Roy striped dress and this Black Halo bright blue silk dress. If you see anything you like, please mention this post for free shipping! I will be adding more stuff throughout the week, like Michael Kors wedges, NWT Silence and Noise trench coat, Coach earrings + more. 

(May, 2008- Tulip Fest in Albany, NY)

Another reason for my unloading on ebay is the fact that after three months of being without a car, I finally found the perfect replacement for my poor, crunched up TSX....a newer TSX. It's more than I planned on spending...and my goal is to sell $700 worth of stuff I probably don't need out of my closet to put towards my down payment.  It's a good deal, gorgeous car, and I KNOW its safe, because I really believe that if I was driving something else, I wouldn't be here, or be much worse off than I am.

My poor little TSX :(

*fingers crossed!*

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  1. Gosh, your life-saving TSX looks worse than I remember. Thank goodness you're still here!