Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Spring Closet Edit!

I recently put A Pair and A Spare's Spring Wardrobe Edit tips to good use. I took out all of my spring and summer clothes, which live under our bed in an air tight storage bag and went through them all- tried them on, made sure they fit, made sure they were still my taste and style, no damage, etc. To my surprise, some of them were too big- amazing what 5 pounds on someone 5'1 can do! They went into a bag for giveaway and to bring to plato's closet or ebay!
I packed away my winter sweaters, tops, pants and accessories- I left some lightweight ones out as I always do that can double for spring- the rest can go away once spring is heading into summer. As I was packing them away, I made sure they were all something I wanted to have next fall, some made the cut, some didn't. They also went into the giveaway and plato's closet bags.
I re-organized my closet. I did this by type (tanks, shirts and blouses, sweaters, dresses) and color.
After I could clearly see what I had, I made a shopping list of what I needed and wanted to purchase for the upcoming season. Look for my spring shopping list here!

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  1. Love that! I should read their blog bc I was having a bit of trouble fitting everything in my closet and I need to purchase new clothes that fit! Also a big yay on the 5 lbs! :D <3