Sunday, April 1, 2012

DIY Tribal beach tote with freezer paper stencil

Ashley from Modern Rococo and I had a craft night over the weekend. I dug out my freezer paper and made a stencil from a design she created (how awesome!). I used to use freezer paper to make stencils for shirts, bags, pillows, etc all the time back in the day (you know, like the early 2000s :p), but this post by Sweet Verbena reignited my passion for the baking paper. 
Here's what we did!

Freezer paper (has wax on one side)
Exacto knife (to cut out your design)
Sponge brushes
Stencil or design in mind
Something to jazz up!

 We traced her stencil on to the freezer paper with pencil (shiny side DOWN! that's what you'll be ironing, and will stick to your surface and prevent paint from bleeding). Cut out the pieces that you want the color to be. Be sure to save any 'island pieces' (such as the triangles in the middle of Ashley's). Iron out your shirt, bag or item desired (make sure its iron safe!). Iron on the design. Be sure not to over iron, it will dissolve the wax and the paper won't stick.
Sponge brush the paint onto the design. Be sure not to brush it, dab and push the paint to prevent bleeding.
Wait for the paint to dry, and peel!
Peeling is the most satisfying! 
Grab, fill and go!
Can't wait to use it in the Outerbanks next week for my pool and beachside accessories!

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