Saturday, April 21, 2012

Spring cleaning?! & a look inside our place

It must be something in the air (other than allergies), because I cleaned like a crazy person today. I dusted, steam cleaned, swiffered, and scrubbed. I figured I would snap a few shots of our place while it was fairly neat. 
Missoni for Target duvet set. Mirrors and framed art Marshall's Homegoods

Kitchen/living room edge

Living room corner
Missoni for Target framed tiles (clearance!!!) 
Framed picture of our boys courtesy of the boyfriend

Canvas art Marshall's Homegoods $2.50 each
White dachshund statue- rescued and put back together by my lovely Boshi! and painted with enamel spray paint
Squirrel- thrifted
White horse head- Target clearance $7

It's perfect size for us and our two dachshunds.  
One day, I hope I can get my crazy walk in closet, all hardwood, and a huge bathroom with whrilpool tub, but this is more than I enough for right now (especially in terms of cleaning, phew). 
Note to self: make enough money to hire a cleaning woman. 

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