Tuesday, April 24, 2012

What's your bag, baby?

I LOVE the articles in magazines and on the web about what celebrity's and other people carry inside their purses. I don't know why, maybe its a fetish. But it's always interesting to see what other people see as essential to carry with them everywhere.

Lately, I've been carrying smaller bags like this Longchamp bag, and a chevron crossbody from Big Buddha seen here, so my bag doesn't have nearly as much stuff in it as usual, just for lack of space.
I got this bag 'free' off of refashioner. I like it mainly because I can throw it in the wash, and not have to worry about it.
Always have to have make up! and sunnies. I got these from the BR outlet because I forgot mine one day, and they are a great pair to just throw in a bag because they were $4. 
Laura Mercier stick foundation, Sephora eyeliner, Maybelline falsies, YES to carrots chap stick, Sugar Rose  tinted lip butter, Collin moisturizer, Bath & Body sanitatizer, bumble & bumble hair bands (these are seriously the BEST and last forever). 
Wallet ($40 from the outlet!), Extra dessert gum (amazing, and great if you're on WW), random watch from Target for $4, phone, yes to cucumbers facial wipes 
Fossil mirror, Fossil pill box, both from the outlet and $5 each.
I always have a million receipts in my bag too. Even if I throw them out weekly, they always pile up, or I think I'll need it, so I'll keep saving it (hoarder tendencies).
What's in your bag? What can you not leave the house without?


  1. Lol, since I've been unemployed the things in my bags have changed drastically. I literally carry only a few items: Wallet, Phone, Sunnies, and Allergy Meds. It used to be way different when I used to frequent places. I'm sure once I start my new job, my bag will be fully loaded once again!

  2. I haul everything into my purse and once in a while, I would take the courage to clean it up. I can't leave the house without lipgloss and hand sanitizer. Lips always chapped and I would feel so uneasy.

    New follower of you, awesome blog you have. Please drop by my blog soon!