Thursday, May 24, 2012

Make money off you're unwanted items!

I like to shop. It's no secret, but I typically buy everything on sale, with a coupon, or at some other discount. I also almost always resell everything when I'm sick of it. There are so many options today to get rid of your stuff that you may no longer be in love with, the possibilities are endless. Here are a few of my favorites:

I've been selling on eBay since high school (almost ten years, gross). Typically, I sell my gently used designer items on here. I've learned over time what will sell, and what isn't worth putting on. Designer handbags are always a great seller- even if they need a little TLC, but they have to be a brand that is 'well known' to get your moneys worth, don't expect the general public to know who Hammit or Be & D is, and if they aren't familiar with it, they won't bid. Designer jeans always go! (again, more familiar names True Religion, Citizens, 7, etc), and name brand dresses. Don't expect a dress from Forever 21 or Target to sell (unless of course it's a hard to find designer collaboration, thanks to the low traffic Target near me I always get them on clearance and do great with them!)

Plato's Closet, Clothes Mentor & Buffalo Exchange
These stores are great to get rid of your dresses, tops, and jeans from lesser brands- Forever 21, Old Navy, American Eagle, etc. I sell to Platos for my more 'teen' brands, and Clothes Mentor for mature styles. Since I sell to them a lot, I know what they give for specific items- dresses $5, tanks $1-$3, jeans $5 (depending on brand). Buffalo Exchange isn't near me, but I have been to  a few out west and they are the same concept. They are not consignment- they give you cash on the spot, typically 30% of what they will sell it for.

This site is great for 'trading' your designer duds for other designer items. Perfect for that Hammit bag! I have 'traded' for Longchamp bag, Louboutin wedges, and a Marc by Marc Jacobs bag. You submit an item, they value it (you get half until it sells), and then you can shop other people's closets for gently used designer items. They are picky- I can't seem to pin them, some of the items are very dated but are accepted just because of their name, but I have gotten some great things on here.

Online garage & yard sale sites and typical garage sales
I have made a few transactions on online yardsale sites in my area on facebook. You post what you have and the price you want and those interested contact you, meet and you trade cash for the item. Typical garages sales are a harder sell- don't expect to get $5 for a dress here, people are looking for .25-$1.

 Keep your tags, dustbags, and product info ALWAYS. They make for an easier sell and reassure people that it is authentic. 

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